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Inosanto-Lacoste Kali Salutation

With Heaven and Earth as my witness, I stand before the Creator and mankind on earth.

I will strive for knowledge and wisdom with the five senses and beyond the five senses.

I will strive for love for all mankind and there will be no shedding of needless blood.

I bow not in submission but in respect to you.

I extend the hand of respect and friendship to you, and I look to the Creator for divine guidance.

I am trained to be a warrior with wisdom if my peace and friendship is rejected.

I stand in symbolism, for I serve only the Creator, my tribe and my family and I owe no allegiance to any foreign king.

With my mind and my heart, I cherish the knowledge my instructor has given me, for it is my life in combat.

I am prepared to go against you even if your skill is superior to mine.

And if my body falls to you in combat, you have only defeated my physical body.

For my fighting spirit and soul will arise to the heavens, for they are unconquerable.